Fundraising for a Christian school

In 2015, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kyiv built its own building for the “Досвітня Зоря” (Morning Star) School. The building needs reconstruction and additional construction.

More than 120 children study at the school every year. According to the plans, in the new school building about 300 children will be able to receive Christian education every year. And their families learn the good news of the gospel.


Project budget

The church began the construction with faith, having funds only for the beginning. The construction project includes $ 4,200,000. Currently, the Church does not have enough funds to complete even the first stage of construction. Completion of construction is possible thanks to your financial support.

Total budget – 4 200 000 $
The first stage
The second stage
The third stage
The fourth stage

* The schedule shows the availability of funds in the conference.




Construction work plan

Type of work Period Cost USD
Stage 1 May – August 2022 910 000
Stage 2 July – October 2022 1 520 000
Stage 3 July – November 2022 440 000
Stage 4 October 2022 – July 2023 1 330 000
Total 4 200 000

How construction takes place